Musical compositions performed and premiers in Israel and abroad:

  1. Cohen, S. (2023). "Is P=NP?" For Voice, Vibraphone and Tibetan Singing Bowls. Geizhals Oded, percussion. ContComp Conference on Contemporary Composition, the Dr. Hecht Center for the Arts, University of Haifa, Israel. Sunday, May 22, 2023.
  2. Cohen, S. (2023). "Points of Convergence", for a bass incorporating technology-based notation. The 8th International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation (TENOR), 15 May 2023, Boston-Cambridge, USA.
  3. Cohen, S. (2023). “Have you taken your medication today, Mr. Feldman?” (2021). Contemporary Music from Israel Concert VII: Center for New Music Ensemble. David Gompper, conductor. Sunday, April 23, 2023 - 1:00 pm, Concert Hall, Voxman Music Building, University of Iowa Chamber Ensembles, USA.
  4. Cohen S. (2019, 22). "Chapter 01", for accordion, electronics, and video. Audio Rocket Festival, Saturday 11/19/22 at Art Information Center Art Hall, Osaka University of Arts, Japan.
  5. Cohen S. (2022). "Who pulls the strings?" For Electric Guitar and String Quartet. Commissioned by The Mivos Quartet (New York) and Nadav Lev. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Sept 2022).
  6. Cohen, S. (2022). "The four Elements", 4 electronic works based on Fire, Water, Earth, and Air for the Moran Singers Ensemble project. Suzanne Dellal Center, 25.6.2022, Israel.
  7. Cohen, S. (2022). "Who does not play the dice?", Comprovisation for the C Barré Ensemble, inspired by "The Lottery in Babylon" by Jorge Luis Borges.  The 7th International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation (TENOR), 9/10/11 May 2022, Marseille, France.
  8. Cohen, S. (2021). “ER=EPR” for French Horn and Live electronics. Premiere: Bram Vanoverberghe, MIRY Concertzaal the Royal Conservatory of Arts Ghent, Belgium. March 1, 2022. Also work chosen for the 2021 ISCM WNMD in Shanghai and Nanning, China.
  9. Cohen, S. (2021). “3 electronic pieces - (Conversation with Cage, let vectors = {}, Chapter 01)”. Works Chosen for the 2021 SONIC MATTER festival, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich. 04.12.2021 - 05.12.2021
  10. Cohen, S. (2021). “Remez” for Trombone and Piano. the winner of the V International Contest of Musical Composition Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos, 2021. Valencia, Spain. Slide Trombone: José Vicente Faubel, Piano: Carlos Apellániz. Tuesday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m. in the Assembly Hall of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos.
  11. Cohen, S. (2021). "A LEAP INTO THE DARK". Peter Katina - Accordion, Shai Cohen - Electronics, Slovenia (Mar. 2021).
  12. Cohen, S. (2021). "Conversation with Cage". Conversation with the cage about the social situation in the face of the covid-19. John Cage, Nadav Lev, Shai Cohen. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Mar. 2021).
  13. Cohen, S. (2021). “Secret Scripture”. for Meitar Ensemble, Suzanne Dellal Centre For Dance and Theater, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Mar. 2020).
  14. Cohen, S. (2021). "Even the most unfounded story had to be made up". Hila Zamir, Humay Gasimzade, Shai Cohen. Bowling Green State University, USA (Mar. 2021).
  15. Cohen, S. "Entanglement" for conductor and interactive 2D point map. Conductor, Ilan Volkov, Conception, Composition and Video, Shai Cohen, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Aug. 2020).
  16. Cohen, S. "Three Glances", for Viola solo, Nitai Zori - Viola, Shai Cohen - Electronics, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (July. 2020).
  17. Cohen, S. "Flatten the Curve", for the Modern Art Orchestra, "ART OF VIRUS" challenge. Level 10 descendent from Péter Eötvös, Hungary (July. 2020).
  18. Cohen, S. "Odd kind of Sympathy", for Meitar Ensemble, conductor Tom Karni, the Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (June. 2020)
  19. Cohen, S. "Darkness", for amplified ensemble and fixed media electronics and video. Dan Weinstein, Amos Elkana, Oded Geizhals. HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Jan. 2020)
  20. Cohen, S. "Epistola de ignoto", for amplified ensemble and fixed media electronics. Ensemble airborne extended, The well-tempered detune, International Conference on contemporary music for early instruments. Bar-Ilan University, Israel (Jan. 2020)
  21. Cohen, S. "4 lines", for Prepared amplified Snare Drum and fixed-media electronics. Geizhals Oded, CNMAT Berkeley UC, California, USA (Dec. 2019).
  22. Cohen, S. "The edge of Irrationality", for Electric Guitar and Drum Set. Lev Nadav and Geizhals Oded, Spectrum, NYC (Dec. 2019).
  23. Cohen, S. "Mechanical Expressiveness", for Flute & Alto Flute head joints and electronics. Antonella Bini, Italy (Nov. 2019).
  24. Cohen, S. "Signs", for voice and piano. "Israeli Music Festival", The Jerusalem Music Centre (Oct. 2019).
  25. Cohen, S. "I saw a rainbow in a puddle", For Harp solo and electronics. Olga Moitlis (Sept. 2019).
  26. Cohen, S. (2019). "Seven Cadenzas" for string quartet and electronics, commissioned by Carmel Quartet (June 2019).
  27. Cohen, S. (2019). "Noumenon" for ensemble with audiovisuals, commissioned by the International Society for Contemporary Music, Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Apr. 2019).
  28. Cohen, S. (2019). "I Heard a Fly Buzz... When I Died" for ensemble and electronics, commissioned by the 'Israel Contemporary Players, Tel Aviv (Mar. 2019).
  29. Cohen, S. (2018). "Pain Expands the Time" for chamber ensemble. Wiener Collage Ensemble, Buchman Mehta School of Music, Tel Aviv (Dec. 2018).
  30. Cohen, S. (2018). "I Heard the Old Men Say..." for chamber ensemble. The 3rd “Asia – Europe” New Music Festival in Vietnam (Nov. 2018).
  31. Cohen, S. (2018). "Can You Hear the Wooden Man?" for percussion ensemble. Ju Percussion Group, the 35th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival, Taiwan (Oct. 2018).
  32. Cohen, S. (2018). "Absence of Yesterday" for flute, clarinet, cello, and piano. Meitar Ensemble, the Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Oct. 2018).
  33. Cohen, S. (2018). "Ancient Scripts" for accordion and electronics. Peter Katina, Slovenia (Sept. 2018). *
  34. Cohen, S. (2018). "Tefila" for alto sax and live electronics. Jonathan Chazan, HaTeiva, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (June 2018). *
  35. Cohen, S. (2018)." Messages from..." for young concert band and vibraphone. Hagar Shahal, The Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, Israel (June 2018).
  36. Cohen, S. (2018). "Parenthetically" for piano and live electronics. Hagai Yodan, 60-second project, Israel (June 2018). *
  37. Cohen, S. (2017). "Magic Spells and Ancient Ritual" for violin solo. Moshe Aharonov, Pushing the Boundaries of Musical Expression. International Conference on Research in Music and Creativity. IRMaM, Bar-Ilan University, Israel (Nov. 2017). *
  38. Cohen, S. (2017). "Moment of Silence" for sax quartet and tape. The Tel Aviv Saxophone Quartet, the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, Israel (July 2017).
  39. Cohen, S. (2017). "The Double" for violin solo strings and tape. Moscheles Ensemble, conductor: Jan Rezek, Sólisté Tomáš Tuláček, Muzeum Bedřicha Smetany, Prague, Czech Republic (June 2017).
  40. Cohen, S. (2017). "Time Dilation" for piano solo. Hagai Yodan, Tel Aviv, Israel (May 2017).
  41. Cohen, S. (2017). "A Second Glance of Rows Already Written" for mezzo-soprano and cello. Bracha Kol Mezzo and Yoni Gotlibovich, Levinsky College of Education Tel Aviv, Israel (Jan. 2017).
  42. Cohen, S. (2016). "Disegno" for flute and chamber ensemble. New Babylon Ensemble, BREMEN, Germany (Oct. 2016).
  43. Cohen, S. (2016). "Seven Flashes of Thought" for orchestra.  Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra (VNSO), Hanoi Opera House, the 34th ACL Festival & Conference in Vietnam. Conductor: Mr. Honna Tetsuji. (Oct. 2016).
  44. Cohen, S. (2016). "Encounters" duet for trumpet and piano. Yigal Meltzer, Amit Dolberg, The Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, Israel (Oct. 2016).
  45. Cohen, S. (2016). "A Butterfly Flaps its Wings" for String trio Oud and live electronics. Evgeny Subbotin (violin), Serge Poltavski (viola), Serge Suvorov (cello), Basem al Ashkar (oud). 17 June 2016 Cultural center ZIL, Moscow.
  46. Cohen, S. (2016). "A Tale of Nature" for solo electric guitar and triggered tape. Alain Blesing, USA (Aug. 2016).
  47. Cohen, S. (2016). "Tachbir" for piano solo. Ofra Yitzhaki, The Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv, Israel (Feb. 2016).
  48. Cohen, S. (2016). "A Deafening Silence" for chamber orchestra. Pierre-Andre Valade: conductor: Meitar Ensemble, EME Festival Tel Aviv,Israel (Jan.2016).
  49. Cohen, S. (2015). "Ma-hod" for English horn and percussion quartet. Benjamin Fischer and New Babylon Ensemble, BREMEN, Germany (Dec. 2015).
  50. Cohen, S. (2015). "Like a Mountain Stream" for soprano and vibraphone. Geizhals Oded and Aronstein Einat, The Abu-Gosh Vocal Festival, Jerusalem, Israel (Oct. 2015).
  51. Cohen, S. (2015). "Episode II" for amplified cello, soundtrack and live electronics. Markus Hohti, Oulu, Finland (Sept. 2015). *
  52. Cohen, S. (2015). "Narrative Enigma" for viola solo and ensemble. Meitar Ensemble, Pierre-André Valade, The Center for New Music, Tel Aviv, Israel (Apr. 2015).
  53. Cohen, S. (2014). "Mistorin" for accordions. Ljubljana, Slovenia (Oct. 2014).
  54. Cohen, S. (2014). "I Have Outlived the Night" for mezzo‐soprano, digital narrator and double projectors. Angelica Cathariou, Greece (Aug. 2014). *
  55. Cohen, S. (2014). "Mipnej Mah?"  For violin, clarinet, cello, and piano. Based on themes from J. Engel, op. 35, Hadibuk.  Orit Orbach, Levinsky College of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel (June 2014).
  56. Cohen, S. (2014). "Variation on an Old Story" for Violin, soundtrack and live electronics. Cordelia Hagmann, HaTeiva. Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel (May 2014). *
  57. Cohen, S. (2014). "Parmenides Dialogue" for flute and marimba. Elisabeth Wentland, Oded Geizhals, Felicja Blumental, Israel (Mar. 2014).
  58. Cohen, S. (2014). "Apsis" for piccolo, baritone sax and tuba. Noa Even, Elise Roy, Mary MacKinnon, University of Bowling, Green State, USA (Jan. 2014).
  59. Cohen, S. (2013). "And the Echo Died Away" for string orchestra and vocals. Tel-Aviv Soloist Orchestra, Barak Tal, Hadas Faran-Asia, Shahar Lavi, Israel (Dec. 2013).
  60. Cohen, S. (2013). "Ragnarok" for chamber orchestra. Sally Beamish, St Andrews University, Scotland (Nov. 2013).
  61. Cohen, S. (2013). "Games, Songs and Dances" for string quartet. T'ang Quartet, ACL Asian Contemporary Music Festival 2013, SINGAPORE (Sept. 2013).
  62. Cohen, S. (2013). "pANIkA" for ensemble and electronics. Meitar Ensemble, The Center for New Music, Tel Aviv, Israel (July 2013). *
  63. Cohen, S. (2012). "Boundaries" for violin solo and real-time graphics control sound processing. Moshe Aharonov, 30th Festival & Conference of the ACL (Oct. 2012). *
  64. Cohen, S. (2012). "Shochenet Basade" for big-band, ethnic soloist singer, choir and oud. The Israeli Music Festival (Sept. 2012).
  65. Cohen, S. (2012). "Pride" for piano and voice. Revital Raviv, Eyal Bat, Levinsky College of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel (Apr. 2012).
  66. Cohen, S. (2012). On Another Note" for soprano sax, piano, bass and perc.  Reeds & Mallets Ensemble, HaTeiva Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel (Mar. 2012).
  67. Cohen, S. (2011). "Circles of Time" for trumpet and string quartet. The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, University of Aberdeen, Music Prize Gala Concert (Nov. 2011).
  68. Cohen, S. (2011). "Liminal Experiences" for ensemble and tape. Meitar Ensemble, Jerusalem Theatre, the Israel Music Festival (Oct. 2011).
  69. Cohen, S. (2011). "Schizophrenia" for alto sax, marimba (and vibraphone). Reeds & Mallet's duo, Tel Aviv, Israel (June 2011).
  70. Cohen, S. (2011). "Nuance" for harp and live electronics. Olga Moitlis, Haifa, Israel (June 2011). *
  71. Cohen, S. (2011). "Second Message from Dmitri" for piano and string quartet, Israel Philharmonic Quartet, Levinsky College of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel (May 2011).
  72. Cohen, S. (2010). "Captured" for ensemble, tape and live electronics. The Israel Contemporary Players, Zsolt Nagy, Tel Aviv, Israel (Jan. 2010).
  73. Cohen, S. (2009). "From Earth to Wind" for accordion and narrator. Claudia Buder and Elija Schwarz, Leipzig, Germany (June 2009).
  74. Cohen, S. (2009). "Echoes of Eternity" for violin solo and orchestra. SNU Symphony Orchestra, Seung-Lim Kim, Seyoung Lee, Asian-Pacific Contemporary Music Festival in Korea (Apr. 2009).
  75. Cohen, S. (2009). "DSCH" for Ensemble. Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Alexei Vinogradov, Moscow, Russia (Nov. 2006).

Installation art and electronic music:

  1. Cohen S. (2020). “Countless parallel universe” with the sculptor Israel Hadany. Joseph Fetter Museum of Nanotechnology. Bar Ilan's Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA).
  2. Cohen S. (2020). Automata piano machine, a "quasi piano concerto" that exploits sound localization of virtual moving objects and machine learning.
  3. Cohen S. (2020). Corpus-based vibraphone composition based on machine learning 2D point map. Performed by Canaan Canti.
  4. Cohen S. (2020). "Birds fight" for Flute and electronics. The work confronts bird sounds with extended flute playing techniques and contemporary computer sound processing. 


  1. Cohen S. (2022). "I'm Nobody! Who are you?". For Voice, Ensemble, and Electronics. Poem by: Emily Dickinson, Soprano - Einat Aronstein, Germany.
  2. Cohen S. (2022). "TRACES OF DISAPPEARANCE", For violin and cello.
  3. Cohen S. (2022). "Do unconscious thoughts use words"? For Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, and string quartet.
  4. Cohen S. (2022). "Who pulls the strings?" For Electric Guitar and String Quartet.
  5. Cohen S. (2022). "ALEA IACTA EST" For Alto Sax, Electric Guitar and Cello.
  6. Cohen S. (2022). "Tnudot" For Trumpet, Guitar, Vibraphone, and Bass.
  7. Cohen S. (2021). “Countless parallel universe” with the sculptor Israel Hadany. Joseph Fetter Museum of Nanotechnology. Bar Ilan's Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA).
  8. Cohen S. (2020). "kipa'on" for piano and 8 loudspeakers.
  9. Cohen S. (2020)."Takriv" for Flute, Percussion, Prepared Piano, Cello, and Contrabass.
  10. Cohen S. (2020)." Between the two ends of silence" for Piano, Guitar, and Cello
  11. Cohen S. (2020). "In the midst of devastation" for cellist duo and gliding binaural beat.


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  2. The Israel Music Institute (IMI)
  3. Israeli Music Center (IMC)
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