ECHOES OF ETERNITY, Fantasia for violin solo and orchestra (2011/18'22)
SKETCH FOR A SELF PORTRAIT, concerto for clarinet and orchestra (2004/12')


SEVEN FLASHES OF THOUGHTS, for orchestra (2016/12')
A DEAFENING SILENCE, For chamber orchestra (2015/9')
DSCH, for chamber orchestra (2006/10')
2 LADINO SONGS for small orchestra with ethnic vocals (2004/11')
ENCHANTED MORNING, concerto for flute, harp, perc and string orchestra (2005/11'53)
CAPTURED, for chamber orchestra tape and live electronics (2009/6'55)
AND THE ECHO DIED AWAY, for string orchestra and vocals (2013/14'35)
RAGNAROK, for Large ensemble (2013)
SHOCHENET BASADE, for Bigband, Ethnic soloist singer, Choir and Oud (2012/6'33)


DISEGNO, for Flute and Chamber Ensemble (2016/8'12)
ENCOUNTERS, for trumpet and Piano (2016/8'20)
NARRATIVE ENIGMA, for viola solo and ensemble (2015/6'47)
MA-HOD, for cor anglais and percussion quartet (2015/9'42)
MISTORIN, for For accordion duo (2014)
MIPNEJ MAH?, for violin, clarinet, cello and piano (2014/9'33)
APSIS, for Piccolo, Baritone Sax and Tuba (2013/5'51)
TACHBIR, for piano solo (2016/12')
LIKE A MOUNTAIN STREAM, for soprano and vibraphone (2015/7'57)
THE DOUBLE, for violin solo strings (2004/12'07)
ASSOCIATION, quartet for tenor sax, accordion, vibraphone and contrabass (2002/7')
COLLECTIVE MEMORY, septet for perc, ney flute, Arabic violin, ud, flute, violin, bass (2004/6'25)
SHADOWS OF MIND, music for jazz quintet (2003/8')
FROM EARTH TO WIND, for solo accordion and narrator (2004/5'18)
GAMES, SONGS AND DANCES, for string quartet (2013/12'06)
SECOND SIGHT, for piano, vibraphone, bass, cello, accordion and 2 vocals, (2004/10')
INVITATION, Duet for cello and piano (2004/6')
RADICAL DAILY REFLECTION, trio for violin clarinet and piano (2006/4')
CIRCLES OF TIME, for string quartet and trumpet (2011/9')
SECOND MESSAGE FROM DMITRI, Quintet for Piano and Strings (2011/10')
SCHIZOPHRENIA, for Alto Sax and Marimba (2011/6')


A BUTTERFLY FLAPS ITS WINGS.... for string trio Arabic ud and live electronics (2004/7')
EPISODE FOR DANCE NEVER PERFORMED, for amplified cello, soundtrack and live electronics (2015)
I HAVE OUTLIVED THE NIGHT, for mezzo‐soprano, digital narrator and double projectors (2014)
VARIATION ON AN OLD STORY, For Violin, soundtrack and live electronics (2014)
THE DOUBLE, music for flute and processed flute (2003)
A TALE OF NATURE, for Solo electric guitar and triggered-tape (2016)
SEQUENZA, for computer in memorial of Luciano Berio (2003/10')
SPRING IS HERE, electronic composition after Le Sacre du printemps (2001/11')
SAX METAMORPHOSE, for soprano sax and live electronics (2003/8')
pANIkA, for ensemble and electronics (supercollider) (2012)


Real-Time Music Composition With colors and movements tracking (2008) a project in memorial of Yossi Banai, premiered in Bar-ilan University, Duration: Free”
BOUNDARIES, for violin solo and real-time graphics control sound processing, inspired by short story of Jorge Luis Borges, Duration: Free”


Music for documentary film wins Haifa international film festival (2005) with the support of The Second Authority for Television and Radio

Video score